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Madeleine Albright

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Changing the Environment

Funny how making changes in the every day environment will bring a new lease on life.
Shortly before Christmas the husb announced we give each other a Christmas gift of new living room furniture.
Uh huh. Just like the back deck he gave me a few years ago. I saved the gift card, occasionally pull it out to brush off the accumulating dust bunnies.
But, nope, he did what he said he'd do and on the day after New Year's, we went shopping. With style ideas and a maximum dollar amount in mind, we spent a few hours in a medium price showroom. What he found took my breath away. We bought the whole set, including throw pillows and angora throw which feels like sin against my skin.

Now for the new lease end of the deal: the living room is neat and clean for the first time in too many years. We're both taking more time and using more care in putting things away, not allowing dirty dishes collect.

It is absolutely grand. And I love it.

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Photo George said...

Can this be an example of the power of a new broom?