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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Writing Exercise Are You Doing?

I really must get my act together and post to this blog more often.
Have any of you ever participated in writing exercises?
My writer's group has one coming up: Pick a movie and change the ending.
Obviously, not all movies apply: Saving Private Ryan, Gettysburg, Apollo 13, Last of the Mohegans; you get the drift.
problem is, I can't think of an ending I'd change.
Oh wait. There's the first James Bond movie with Daniel Craig. The heroine doesn't die at the hands of the bad guys, but James decks her for her duplicity, then walks off toward the nearest casino.

Mrs Doubtfire: Sally poisons mega-annoying Peter Pan-wannabe Robin Williams and takes off with Pierce Brosnan, and has hot sex till she can't walk comfortably.

Gone With The Wind: After Rhett says, Frankly, my dear . . . he shoots Scarlett.

The Big Easy: don't change a thing; it's perfection unlimited.

Now I believe we should expand this to TV programs:
NCIS--every episode should end with Dinozzo, bound hand and foot, with electrodes attached to his head and I get to throw the switch.

Law and Order SVU, bring Adam Beach back and get rid of the ever-sneering Mariska Hargitay.

HGTV's House Hunters: every time some rich bee-yotch says she won't buy some house worth the high six figures; she doesn't like the bathroom because it doesn't have his and her sinks. I like to see a homeless person [who hasna't bathed recently] to burst in the door and ask how she'd like living with bathroom facilities down the hall, shares it with 10 others, and BTW there's no lock on the door.

Nanny 911. I'd send each of those beastly kids to dog obedience school a[in place of the family pooch] and shoot the parents.

The Closer: I'd give Lt. Flynn a love interest: preferably a nurse, an ER or ICU nurse, whom he meets at an AA meeting. She looks like Edie Falco with the same "Do You Feel Lucky?" look in her eye. they then bang like bunnies.

that's all for today, folks

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