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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Toss out that loaf of stale bread

until recently if anyone asked me how to handle writer's block, I'd have responded with my favorite acronym: BTSOOM.
At a recent writers' group meetings, other members had abeen pushing writing to different audiences or targets, shorter romances, less than 5,000 words. Impossible, was my continued response--until I tried it.

What a difference it has made to my entire frame of mind!
Unbeknownst to me I've had writer's block for years, since finishing Try Just Once More back in 2006 I'd started many stories, outlined several, researched sort of for a few, completed nothing.

Until I wrote 2 shorts [less than 1,000 words] for an e-zine. I didn't think I could do it and almost gave up a few times. I submitted in the end of July and early August. They responded, saying they might go on hiatus and pick things back up again in 2010 and offered me the option to submit elsewhere.

So I did!!
I took one of the ezine stories and expanded it to just a tad over 3,000 words. It was a struggle at first finding those last 500 words, but I did it and submitted it as a stand-alone story but part of a series titles based on the vanDyke poem I call Those Who Love.
The second was somewhat easier to write due to the amount of external conflict [take back the night march].
I am quite pleased with myself.
More than that, I am feeling better about myelf and my writing than i have in a very long time.


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