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Friday, October 29, 2010

More Alums at the Reunion

And two more have been added to our wonderful party!!
What kind of woman buries her husband in the morning and sleeps with his best friend that night? And so begins Glad Tidings, a delightful Class of 85 story with a holiday flair to it will come out 12/1/10.

An Inn Decent Proposal, which features the old and glorious Summerville Inn, with a fabulous cast of out-there characters, including a New Jersey mobster wannabe, comes out 12/29/10.

In each case the cover art is gorgeous; I am thrilled to have both stories join the party.

On a sadder note, our extremely talented cover artist Nicola Martinez is no longer with us. We will miss having her beautiful covers for the stories. And... we have come to the decision to close submissions to the Reunion effective December 31st. We are hoping to have enough submissions between now and then to take us well into 2011.

I hope you enjoy some if not all of these stories.

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