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Monday, October 4, 2010

Things are looking up

Today is Monday. I've not needed narcotics for pain control since Saturday. I've also learned, painfully, not to overdo on computer work. "Light" typing means exactly that: not hours on end spent at the keyboard editing class of 85 stories.
In my defense, I overworked because of an inner compulsion to send three more class of 85 stories on the road toward release. I shall hold off on announcing the titles and authors until we are closer to the actual date but I am pleased to say two are from repeat authors Sharon Buchbinder and Jannine Gallant. Great stories. Really great. Lots of laughter.

Since my last post regarding the Class of 85, two more stories have been scheduled for release:
STAR POWER by MJ Fredrick comes out this week. It is a fun story about a Brad Pitt type movie hero who wasn't much in high school but turns into a hunk on screen. His mother shames him into attending the reunion. He can't say no to Mama--and to stave off potential groupies [and there is a few hysterical funny scenes about this very thing]--he brings along his personal assistant. Both are secretly in love with each other; it's interesting to see how each comes to grip with that fact.
Simply gorgeous cover art features the real deal Charlotte-Genesee lighthouse which stands on the bank of the Genesee River as it feeds into Lake Ontario. The art work is lovely as you'll see to the left.

SOMETHING MORE by Keena Kincaid, a November release, is all about secrets and how avoiding them like the elephant in the middle of the living room can bring families down. this is a very strong story. I am proud to be part of it.
I hope you'll enjoy them too!

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